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Safes & Vaults

This is a core area of our business and where it all began for us. Going back nearly 30 years ago, Locksmith Johannesburg started out as a professional safe technician for the businesses of Johannesburg and still to this day has many clients in the financial, casino and banking industries. We stand by this invaluable expertise and have constantly invested in training and understanding of even the newest types of safe and the most complex of vaults.

Domestic Safe Opening Johannesburg

Safe Locksmiths Johannesburg As expert safe crackers in Johannesburg, we not only offer our services to the commercial sector but also to the residents of the area as well. In home security has grown over the years with many local residents now installing safes in their homes. Not only do we install new safes, we also service, repair and crack safes so for any safe related issue, we can help.

Perhaps you have forgotten the combination to your safe or you simply can’t open your safe, we have the expert knowledge to solve your issue. We are experts at safe opening in Johannesburg and have the tools and the experience to complete your job without further damage. We will change the entire locking mechanism if required or cut you a new safe key in the event yours has been lost or has broken and can do all this while you wait. You won’t want to let your new or existing keys out of your sight so we cut all new keys with you present to avoid any security issues.

Commercial Safes & Vault services Johannesburg

Safe Locksmith Johannesburg We offer our safe opening and safe cracking services to many of Jobug’s financial institutions including some of the major banks. We have also done work on large safes and vaults within casinos, department stores and supermarkets.

We fully understand what it takes to carry out a professional job and we do so without causing any further damage to the safe or the locking mechanism itself. Again, all of our work is done under your own watchful eye so as not to compromise security. For a free, no obligation quotation, please contact our safe expert in Johannesburg today on 011 568 0934 or use the contact form to the right.

Free Written Quotation

If you would like a free, no obligation quotation on any of the services we offer for safes and vaults, please contact us today here and discuss your requirements. Whether is service or maintenance, repair, installation or cracking, we guarantee to have the best rates in Johannesburg and the best team to tackle the job. Call now on 011 568 0934

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